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Just like a real embassy, we can provide our guests with a special permit - a visa.

Are you looking for an original present for a close friend or colleague? The Food Embassy Visa is the perfect gift, a ticket to a memorable experience. You can purchase a Visa for any amount of money or a particular service available at our restaurant. The holder of the document will be granted entry to a wonderful world of gastronomic delights! If you would like to purchase one, just talk to one of our Embassy managers. A Visa with a balance of less than 10,000 roubles is considered single-entry and is therefore valid for only one visit. Visas for larger amounts are multi-entry and can be used as many times as the holder wishes until its expiry date.

Terms of Use:

  • The holder of the Food Embassy Visa can use its balance to purchase services provided by the restaurant.
  • If the bill exceeds the balance of the Food Embassy Visa, the holder must pay the remaining amount in cash.
  • If the original balance of the Food Embassy Visa gift card is less than 10,000 roubles, it can only be used on one visit.
  • Our Visa cannot be redeemed for cash or returned after purchase.
  • The expiry date of the Food Embassy Visa is determined by the restaurant depending on the original balance.
  • By purchasing the Food Embassy Visa, you acknowledge and accept these Terms of Use.

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