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Christmas goose dishes

Goose pate with brioche toast 450
Solyanka with smoked goose meat 420
Pappardelle with homemade goose stew 560
Goose leg baked with persimmon and fennel under blackcurrant sauce 790


Viennese breakfast Viennese waffles, prunes, figs, farm yogurt, homemade granola 590
French breakfast Hot croissant, fresh fruit salad, homemade jam, farm yogurt 590
English breakfast Scramble, spicy beef sausage, fried mushrooms, tomatoes 620
Californian breakfast Egg white protein, asparagus, green avocado salad, toasted cereal bread 620
Fried eggs / Omelette (3 eggs) 100
Add: Mozzarella / Parma ham / Tomatoes / Mushrooms 100
Eggs Benedict on toast with spinach, red caviar, lightly salted salmon and Hollandaise sauce 490
Shakshuka with potato waffles 450
Fried eggs with smoked salmon, soft cheese, tomatoes, rye flour pancake 490
Wheat crepes 3 pieces 180
Add: Salmon 250
Add: Sour cream 50
Add: Honey 50
Add: Homemade jam 100
Add: Salmon caviar 250
Oatmeal according to the recipe of the Queen of England 250
Croissant with smoked salmon and wasabi mayonnaise 490
Millet porridge with pumpkin and sea buckthorn 250
Add: Coconut milk / Almond milk 50
Syrniki (farm cheese pancakes) in a cup with raspberry jam 350
Chia seed pudding with coconut milk 420
Banana cake with honey and chocolate yoghurt gluten free 370


Hummus with avocado 450
Salad with yellow watermelon, fried Tofu, figs and pomegranate 520
Baked eggplants with tomato and ebar sauce 580
Green buckwheat with porcini mushrooms and herbs 520
Pumpkin steak baked with rosemary, pistachios and honey 480
Sweet potato and quinoa pancakes served with beet mousse 520


Focaccia with oregano / rosemary 200
Focaccia Julia 590
Focaccia rye with pesto sause 350
Pizza Margherita 590
Porcini Pizza with truffle flavor 890
Pizza four cheeses 750
Pizza Pepperoni 680
Pizza with parma ham and mascarpone 940


Wine tapas bar bruschetta assortment, beef tartare, mushroom paste, green olives and sun-dried tomatoes 1280
Peruvian ceviche of sea bass 1050
Eclair with tartare salmon, wasabi and red caviar 690
Salmon, semi-smoked on alder wood chips* 570
Murmansk herring with Borodino bread crackers 450
Duck pate with tomato jam and truffle oil 520
Beef tartare on ice 690
Smoked meat assortment 1350
Cheese plate parmesan, brie, gruyere, gorgonzola 1290


Green salad with avocado and pink tomatoes 620
Strawberry salad with beets and cream cheese 560
Strachatella with assorted tomatoes and truffle oil 790
Caesar with argentine shrimps 820
Veal salad with Thai mango 640


Warm tomato seafood soup 790
Borsch 450
Homestyle chicken soup 420


Beetroot risotto with cheese mousse 480
Homemade pasta** al pomodoro e basilico 490
Homemade pasta with argentine shrimps and truffle sauce 650
Linguini with seafood 990
Fettuccine with beef and Blue cheese sauce 790


Chicken asian style 690
Chicken hot smoked on oak sawdust* 690
Duck breast with perlotto and kohlrabi with plum puree 690
Stroganov from rabbit liver with parsnip puree and fenhel 890
Lamb saddleback baked with coriander and ginger 1340
Stuffed beef and quinoa rolls in weed leaves 690
Veal tonques with caramelized turnips and lingonberry sauce 950
Beef cheeks with celeriac risotto 920
Beef medallions with mushrooms sauce 1190
Beef rib baked with thyme and garlic with BBQ sauce 1950
Filet mignon burger with potato wedges   990


Chilean mussels in white wine/ in tomato sauce/in blue sheese sauce 790
Fried scallops in wine sauce with wasabi mint mousse 1250
Salmon fillet with spinach 940
Halibut steak with ginger-mango mousse 1250
Dorado 1 pc 1090
Sea bass 1 pc 990
Shrimps 100g 720
Sea scallops 100g 820
Squids 100g 350


Smoked beef on alder sawdust 1190
Fillet mignon steak 1190
Asian-style chicken 590


Grilled vegetables zucchini, eggplant, paprika, tomatoes, red onions 380
Poached spinach 300
Baked potato 250
Mashed potatoes with onion crisps   280


Anna Pavlova 480
Napoleon cake 480
Meringue roll with raspberries and pistachios 540
Panakota with raspberries and pistachios 540
Banana cake with honey and chocolate yogurt 420
Chia seed pudding with coconut milk 420
Chocolate dessert with cherry 480
Chocolate sweets truffle, white chocolate, chocolate and caramel 1 pc 90
Housemade jam white cherries, walnut, raspberry, quince, feijoa 250
Italian gelato ice cream, rum and chocolate, cookies caramel, fig and mascarpone 1 scoop 180
Sorbet mango ginger, strawberry with basil, raspberry, lemon 180

Business Lunch

Fish soup
Salmon and cod fish cutlets with mashed potatoes
Risotto with pastrami beef and cheese Dorblu
Chicken fillet schnitzel with Brussels sprouts
WOK noodles with chicken and vegetables
Russian Salad
Salad with chicken, cucumbers, potatoes, mushrooms and prunes
Salad with pickled red cabbage, sweet pepper and currants
Salad with beef, beans, cucumbers and tomatoes under mustard dressing
Pumpkin cream soup with fried onions
Italian baked tomato soup with basil
Chicken noodle soup
Homemade morse 200 ml
Bread basket 100
Tomato juice 70
Fresh-squeezed juice 200 ml 200
Homemade morse Cranberry / Blackcurrant / Ripe sea-buckthorn 200 ml 70
Coffee Espresso/Americano 100
Milk 40
Wine Pino Grigio/Merlot 125 ml 220
Black or green tea 100

Weekdays, 12:00-16:00

Salad + soup + fruit drink = 450 RUR
Salad + main course + fruit drink = 490 RUR
Soup + main course + fruit drink = 490 RUR
Salad + soup + main course + fruit drink = 650 RUR